Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing

The Town of Kensington would like to advise residents that our annual water main line flushing program will take place from Monday, April 22 – May 17, 2024.  Your water service should not be interrupted during this time however if you notice that your water appears discoloured in any manner we recommend that you do not use the water or do any laundry for about one hour. Once this time has elapsed, run cold water to make sure the water is clear. At this time you may resume normal water usage.

Most of Kensington’s water main lines are sized to allow safe and adequate fire protection flows. The water moves at a low rate through the water lines and therefore mineral deposits build up and accumulate in these lines over time, which can restrict water flow. These deposits can contribute to water quality problems and corrosion. Periodic flushing of lines removes these deposits, helping to maintain the Town’s infrastructure, assuring consistent high-quality water.




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