Dog Registration Fee Eliminated

Did You Know!
At the Town Council meeting held on February 14, 2022, Town Council adopted a motion to declare free registration for all dogs with the Town of Kensington.The fee used to be $8 per dog. Anyone who has already registered their dog(s) in 2022 will be receiving a refund cheque in the near future by mail. Town bylaws require all dogs to be registered.

If the registration fee has been a deterrent, then we would encourage you to please register your dog(s). If a dog is found wandering around town and it has a Town of Kensington dog tag, then you can be assured the dog will be returned to the owner easily and not end up being taken to the humane society where they try to find the owner.

We all know that no one intends to lose their dog but we also all know that accidents can happen and dogs can be get out. If you value your dog, we encourage you to register it.


Rowan Caseley – Mayor


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