Harvest Festival Brings in Little Ray’s Reptiles and Lego Mania!

The Harvest Festival committee is planning a fun evening for children on Tuesday, August 19 and reduced the entrance price for this day only! Starting with Lego Mania at 4pm, a contest to show off their Lego-building skills then Little Ray’s Reptile Show from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, the kids will have a blast!

Lego Mania
Bring in your Lego creation on Tuesday and enter to win a prize! Any creation, big or small (but original) in a farming or agricultural theme will qualify to win a prize. Have your child bring in their Lego creation on Tuesday, August 19th beween 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Judging will take place at 5:30.
Entries must be built ahead of time: the Harvest Festival does not provide building blocks. First place is a Samsung Tablet, second and third place prizes are movie passes.
• Participants must pre-register for the contest. Please call 902-836-5348.
• Participants will be entered in the appropriate category for their age: Preschool – Grade 3, Grade 4–6
• All entries must be built by the participant(s) indicated. In the interest of fairness, please do not enter an off-the-shelf piece, unless it has been modified to add functionality, or has been significantly changed to form part of an original design.
• Entries are limited to one per participant, although an “entry” may be made up of several pieces within a setting or single piece.
• Participants may use any brand of age-appropriate building blocks.
• Participants must be present during the contest.
• Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes before the judging begins.
• All participants will receive a personalized certificate for taking part in the contest.

Little Ray’s Reptile Adventure
Little Ray’s passion for ecological preservation and zoology, coupled with their experienced and engaging keepers will make for an event you won’t soon forget. They are a privately-funded zoo and the largest reptile rescue in Canada. The profit from their events goes directly to the care of these unwanted pets and to further educate the public. This is a one hour program which includes a 30 minute formal general reptile show with 30 minutes of hands on after the show. This experience offers a variety of animals and includes a lizard, small snake, turtle/tortoise, arachnid, crocodilian and giant snake! After the show there will be animals out for 30 minutes for families to interact with. These presentations are extremely educational and thoroughly entertaining and are done by Little Ray’s senior wildlife educators only.


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