Municipal Restructuring Proposal 2019

The Town of Kensington has recently commissioned a study to assess the current growth and development opportunities of the municipality and the present need to restructure its boundary. The study included a review of the area’s demographics, land use patterns, development trends, and municipal and wider community service provisions. The study area included properties within the Town, and the surrounding unincorporated area in which residents share a common interest in the quality and affordability of regional and municipal services. 

While the study found that we continue to thrive with steady population and development growth, its ability for future growth is severely restricted. The Town has essentially grown to the full extent of its boundary and is at present landlocked with few opportunities for development. As such, development continues on the periphery of the town, where property owners, residents and businesses utilize municipal services and operate as part of the Town social and economic community. These property owners however do not receive the benefits associated with having representation within the Town’ municipal government and do not contribute to the municipal tax base. 

Kensington’s current interest is in pursuing a ‘measured’ restructuring of the municipal boundary to address properties which meet one or more of the following four criteria:

  1. Properties that benefit from municipal services;
  2. Properties that are surrounded by municipal properties;
  3. Properties that present an opportunity for future economic growth and investment through subdivision and development;
  4. Properties that require improved environmental management and/or protection through the provision of land use planning.

It is intended that through our ‘measured’ approach to restructuring the municipal boundary, we will be able to continue to offer municipal services and programs for both new and existing residents in a fair and sustainable manner.

A copy of the Town’s restructuring proposal/application to the Minister of Communities is available here.


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