PUBLIC MEETING: Town of Kensington Official Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Control Bylaw Amendments

Town of Kensington

Notice of Public Meeting

Take notice that, pursuant to the Planning Act and the Town of Kensington’s Zoning and Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw, a Public Meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at the Kensington Town Hall, 55 Victoria Street East, Town of Kensington.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear comments on amendments to the Town of Kensington Official Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Control Bylaw as follows:

  • Text amendments to Official Plan Sections 2.3.1; 5.4 Policy PR-1, PR-4, PR-5 and PR-6; and Section 5.7 PI-2.
  • Text amendments to Bylaw Sections 2.1; 2.9; 2.42; 2.44; 2.59; 2.84; 2.85; 4.2; 4.26; 4.37.2(b); 4.41; 4.44; 5.2; 9.2; 9.5.1; 11.4; and 19.4(1).
  • Remove the following Bylaw Sections 2.10; 2.14; 2.19; 2.21; 2.32; 2.33; 2.43; 2.52; 2.69; 2.70; and 4.25.
  • Add a definition for the following terms: Accessory Apartment; Commercial; Setback.
  • Change the following terms within the Official Plan and Bylaw (applies to multiple sections):

Single Family Dwelling to Single Detached Dwelling; Multiple Family Dwelling to Multi-unit Dwelling; Two Family Density Residential to Duplex and/or Semi-Detached Dwelling; Single Family Residential Zone (R1) to Single Residential Zone (R1); Two Family Residential Zone (R2) to Low Density Residential Zone (R2); and Multiple Family Residential Zone (R3) to Multi-Unit Residential Zone (R3);

  • Update the legend on the Official Future Land Use Map and Official Zoning Map as necessary for the above changes to land use and zoning designation names.
  • Update section numbers and Table of Contents as necessary for the above changes.

To review the proposed Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw, a hardcopy is available at the Kensington Town Hall or electronic versions can be downloaded from the links below:

Official Plan – Proposed Amendments
Proposed Kensington-Official-Plan-Future Land Use Map

Zoning Bylaw – Proposed Amendments
Proposed Kensington-Zoning Map


Geoff Baker

Chief Administrative Officer



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