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This category of our site offers numerous varied perspectives about Prince Edward Island. Unlike any other section, here you will find opinions from young Islanders who interviewed their family members about Island life, or who recalled their own memories, or who examined the significance of a family heirloom. The quotations below are mostly excerpts from essays depicting “The Island Way of Life,” and they include subjects such as ice fishing, the ferry boats that once connected the Island from Borden to the mainland, the family farm, and the seasons that we enjoy and, at times, endure.

The quotations appearing in this section are categorized according to the grades that the students are in. Many thanks to Ron Perry’s grade 6 class, Sandra Sheridan’s grade 8 students, and Mary Crane’s grade ten students for helping us glean memories from their grandparents, gather artifacts and photographs, and for enlightening the world with their perceptions of the Island way of life.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the students’ writing, limited editing was performed.

Grade 6 | Grade 8 | Grade 10