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We cannot explore “The Island Way of Life” without visiting the people and organizations that make up our provincial community. While examining Commerce and Services on the Island one will get a sense of the thought and toil that keep the province running smoothly. When we explore Culture and the Environment, we get a sense of our history and our landscape. These elements of the Island Way of Life explain what we do and from where we come. But that is not all of who we are. Individually, we can be trail blazers and record breakers, courageous, artistic, and wildly entertaining. Collectively, we pool our caring and energy to make the Island a better place to live.

We are a community-minded people. Countless Islanders are involved in service groups, advocacy groups, sport and recreation associations, church groups, and youth clubs. These are many and diverse collective activities aimed at the betterment of our communities.

Although our volunteers are truly community heroes, there are several unique individuals who, by their actions and achievements, have earned special recognition from their fellow Islanders and, in many cases, attracted the attention of people around the world. This category includes not only those who have been recognized for their achievements in art or entertainment, but also those heroes who fought in the World Wars on behalf of all Canadian citizens.