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The Island Way of Life is inextricably linked with our cultural and natural heritage, our families, our ethnic roots, and our contemporary artistic community. These four key elements remind us of who we are, where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.

Heritage Sites
Vital to our collective identity, our heritage, and our sense of place, Island history is preserved in the form of historic buildings, museums, monuments, parks, and heritage roads. More than mere relics from the past, these institutions are a living part of our communities today.

The Island tradition of storytelling, music-making, traditional dance, ancient languages, and community identity would not have endured as long as it has if it were not for their transmittal from generation to generation. Today, descendants of Islanders and locals alike are picking up the threads of family history and retracing their genealogical steps into the past.

Ethnic Heritage
From our first peoples, the Mi’kmaq, through the arrival of Acadian pioneers and settlers from Scotland, Ireland, England, and the United States and up to more recent ripples of immigration, Prince Edward Island has been home to many cultures. Some have attained high visibility at the expense of lesser-known cultures. But each can lay claim to a part of the Island Way of Life.

Contemporary Culture
Through both contemporary and traditional music, dance, theatre, art, and crafts, Islanders are expressing who they are as individuals and who we all are as members of Prince Edward Island communities and as citizens on the eve of a new millennium.

Island Sayings