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Demonstration Woodlots Header

The Forestry Division of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry supports the forest industry in many ways, providing forestry inventory information, specialty products development advice, information on forest insects and disease, and blueprints for equipment and technology. The Division also provides forest education facilities at six demonstration woodlots located in New Harmony, Valleyfield, Auburn, Brookvale, Camp Tamawaby, and Foxley River.

Demonstration Woodlots

Designed to provide woodlot owners, forest contractors, and members of the public with tangible examples of the results of proper forest management, the demonstration woodlots also help to increase public awareness of forestry issues on the Island. The woodlots are open to the public and exhibit current forestry techniques while providing valuable information on the Island’s natural history, cultural history, wildlife management, and forest ecology. All of the woodlots have trails that are popular for hikers in summer and cross-country skiers in winter. Year-round, they provide an excellent opportunity to observe Island birds.

The Auburn Demonstration Woodlot covers 59 hectares (147 acres). It was a working farm and woodlot when it was purchased in 1966. Since then, many of the old fields have either been converted to forest plantations or have regenerated naturally to white spruce. The older mixed wood stands have been managed using a variety of stand improvement and harvest techniques.

Demonstration WoodlotThe Foxley River Demonstration Woodlot covers 285 hectares (705 acres). In 1965, much of the property had already been abandoned and was naturally returning to a woodland state. Other parts of the property contained older forest and, since 1971, various improvement and harvest techniques have been applied to the woodlot. This property provides an excellent example of Prince Edward Island’s low land forest type. High water levels combined with rich soil creates a lush environment for many different species of forest plants. A wide variety of forest conditions may be viewed by following the 1.3-kilometre walking trail.

The New Harmony Demonstration Woodlot covers 107 hectares (265 acres). The front of the property was farmed until 1945 when it was abandoned. These areas have either regenerated naturally to woodland or have been planted with a variety of species. Other parts of the forest originated from small hardwood patch cuts in the 1930s and 1940s. New Harmony is a good site for bird watching and offers excellent cross-country skiing during the winter months.

The Valleyfield Demonstration Woodlot covers some 90 hectares (225 acres). The property was purchased in 1973. At that time, much of the property had already been abandoned and was naturally regenerating to woodland. Other parts of the property contained older forest and since its purchase, various stand improvement and harvest techniques have been applied to the woodlot. The variety of forest cover types and age patterns create favourable conditions for many song bird species. As such, the Valleyfield Demonstration Woodlot is considered one of the best bird-watching locations on Prince Edward Island.

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